Free-Camping Trial Begins!

We have been offered a pitch on a friends hobby farm near GinGin to set up the van and test out all that we need for free camping. We currently have mobile solar panels and are testing how much energy we get from them.  In due course we will be adding rooftop solar panels as we believe a mixture of both is the best solution. We also need to look at how we can increase our water supply for those times we will be free camping with no access to additional water.


Update October 2015

We haven’t posted anything recently but that doesn’t mean to say nothing has been happening behind the scenes.  We have been following blogs of Grey Nomads currently on the road and researching on a variety of aspects to travelling around Australia.  We would both love to finish work and start our journey tomorrow but common sense has prevailed and we know we need these next 12 months to equip ourselves with everything necessary to have the most successful trip possible.