Camping at Sandy Cape

We recognise there will be times when we want to see places that can’t be accessed with the caravan as it is not an off roader.  Therefore we have a tent that we can use overnight when heading off to explore for a couple of days in the Patrol.

Last week we decided to put the tent through it’s paces by going camping with friends, Sue and Doug, at Sandy Cape which is just near Jurien Bay.  We drove up early Wednesday morning in the hope of beating the Easter exodus.  The site Sue and Doug normally use was already taken but after a short drive further up the track, we found a perfect site right next to the beach.

We set up our tents (including ensuite) and then parked our cars next to each other so we could put out the car awnings. We used it as a place to sit under and eat our meals out of the direct sun. That first afternoon/evening it became very windy with sand coming straight off the dunes. We put up a blue tarpaulin to try and help keep out the wind and sand.

After a yummy meal of slow cooked lamb, a few wines/beers and a game of Yahtzee, we headed off to bed.  The blow up mattress was really comfy and the tent was warm and cozy. We both slept really well.

The next couple of days were spent fishing, swimming, chilling and exploring the local area.  We had a couple of near misses with almost becoming bogged in the sand dunes but due to Doug’s excellent driving skills, we survived!

The tent set up worked well……and then on the last night, the rain began… rained and rained and rained and rained and rained – but the sleeping tent stayed totally dry and warm. The front tent floor became very wet and sandy but that was mainly due to the slope we were on. Fortunately it wasn’t windy as well as wet, otherwise we may have had a different outcome with the stability of the tent.

The next morning there was a dry spell which enabled us to take down the tents and pack up the camp site.  We weren’t leaving because of the rain.  We had already planned to leave at this time.  It was a great location to camp and we had a lot of fun with Sue and Doug.  Below are a selection of pics showcasing our time away.