UK / Singapore

Happy 2016 everyone!

We had the best holiday and even though it didn’t snow, Christmas was very special.  It was so much fun spending quality time with our gorgeous family, Becky, Ben, Kia, Evie, Austin, Ben, Carol, Malcolm, Debs, Derek, Geoff, Diane and Katherine.  We also got to meet up with dear friends Fiona, Malcolm, Lynda, Ian, Angie, Richard, Diana, Sharon, Jan and Steve.

We celebrated Christmas, New Year and the 6th birthday of our granddaughter Evie.  We went ten pin bowling, ice skating, toboganning, saw an amazing theatrical production of Slava’s Snowshow and visited Madame Tussaud’s in London.

We then had 4 days in Singapore on our way back to Perth.  The weather was very humid which we found quite draining.  However it didn’t stop us exploring this amazing Island nation and enjoying all that we saw.


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