We crossed the Nullarbor, part 2.

We were up early again, had breakfast at the roadhouse and set off. We were warned by another guest that they had seen a large amount of kangaroos, both dead and alive, along the route we were taking. We drove a little slower just in case we came across a big boomer who may cause considerable damage to our rig. We saw heaps of roadkill but no live roos. In fact the closest we came to a big boomer was at Border Village when we crossed over into South Australia.

We motored along as quickly as it was safe to do so to the Nullarbor Roadhouse where we were staying overnight. This was 20km away from the Head of The Bight where we would see the whales. We arrived and had set up by 4pm. We then headed off to the viewing area and got there with half an hour to spare. The attendant was adamant we must be back by 5pm. Well what a sight. The pictures explain all……..

We went back to the roadhouse and had dinner. An early night, a great sleep and we arose to the most amazing sunrise……..

We decided to stop a couple of nights in Streaky Bay rather than Elliston as it was at least an hour less driving. We ended our time on the Nullarbor in Ceduna where we had to go through a quarantine checkpoint. They checked out the engel and the caravan fridge for any fresh fruit and vegetables but we had none.  We stopped for lunch and then drove the last hour and a half to Streaky Bay. Wow, what a place.  Again the pics will speak for themselves! We will be here 2 days and then on Tuesday we head to Quorn in the Flinders Rangers for 3 nights.

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