Pichi Richi Railway

We had the great pleasure of going on the Pichi Richi Railway from Quorn to Woolshed Flat and back. We travelled on a restored historic stream train which was sensational.  The timber carriages were up to a hundred years old. The sound of the horn and the sight/smell of the steam transported you to a bygone era. The journey took you thru beautiful countryside and we had a stop of 45 minutes at Woolshed Flat where we had refreshments at a restored building dating from 1878.

Back in Quorn we spent some time exploring this quaint old town established in 1878 and named after Quorndon in Leicestershire in the UK. A number of major films have had scenes shot in Quorn –  The Shiralee, Sunday Too Far Away, Gallipoli, Wolf Creek and The Lighthorsemen.

We had lunch at the Quandong Cafe – quandongs are a type of native peach and are used in a variety of dishes. Jude had a quandong milkshake which was yummy but the best dish of all was cousin Jen’s quandong crumble – wow o wow, it was absolutely delicious!

We had a great time in Quorn but the best part of all was catching up with family and spending precious time together.  

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