Goolwa & Gumeracha, fun & farewells!

On Thursday 28th July we all went to Goolwa for a Coorong Discovery Cruise and the weather was perfect for such a day out.  Goolwa is a town where Jude and Annette’s Aunt and Uncle and cousins used to live and many holidays were spent there in our younger days. It is also where the movie Stormboy was filmed and where Jude’s love of pelicans was born. We cruised through the barrage lock and into the Coorong National Park and then down to the mouth of the Murray river.  We got off the boat and were taken for a walk over the sand dunes to the shores of the Southern Ocean which was spectacular. We then cruised back down the river and into Goolwa.

That evening we joined Jen, Elizabeth, John and Ellen for dinner at a local hotel. The food was delicious and we enjoyed much conversation and laughter. Ben even tried an oyster which he quite enjoyed!PhotoGrid_1469713016815On Friday morning we sadly said our farewells to Annette and Jock as it was time for them to fly back to Perth.  We had such a lot of fun together and we would miss having them around.  It was also Ben’s final day but his flight didn’t leave until approx 10pm.  We decided to visit another of Australia’s big icons – the big rocking horse in Gumeracha. This was situated at a wooden toy making factory which also had a small wildlife park attached to it.  So much to see and do and perfect weather as well. Ben and Ray climbed to the top of the large rocking horse and earned themselves a certificate!  After lunch we drove a few miles down the road to Birdville and the National Car Museum – another fascinating place.

Finally the time came where we had to drive to the airport and say our final farewells to Ben.  We had such an awesome road trip together and laughed and laughed all the way. We were / are going to miss him sooooooooo much!

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