Two months on the road…..

Well here we are two months into our neverending journey and time to reflect on how it is going, how we are going. 

Distance wise check out the maps below to get an idea of the route we have travelled. 

We are loving every minute of every day. After a few hiccups with Alby (4WD) all is now running very smoothly. Downsizing from a 4 bedroom house to a caravan (Saffy) has been much easier than either one of us anticipated. It is all about zones and which zone is in use at any time. During the day the bed becomes a storage area and overnight the dining table/seats are the storage area. The kitchen counter becomes the office in between meal times. The shower even acts as a storeroom when we are at caravan parks and using the amenities. Saffy is warm, dry, cosy and our home on wheels and we love her. And yes, we still love each other. More importantly we still like each other!! Laughter is the best medicine and we laugh all day, every day. Of course there are moments of irritation and misunderstandings but we quickly work through those and move on. So all in all this has been the best decision for us and we love our home on wheels. 

12 thoughts on “Two months on the road…..”

  1. I had the privilege of meeting your missed friends this week. Indeed a pair of characters. I can confirm that they are enjoying their experience in Tasmania.

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  2. I can’t imagine you two not laughing all day every day, keep the photos coming love them. This is just the start of your next phase in your life, amazing stuff, love and miss you guys heaps

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