The Yellow Dot Road……

​We have been in Tasmania 7 weeks and the yellow dots on the map show the areas we have already explored.  14 more weeks to see the rest and also have a chance to revisit some places. We went to Cradle Mountain yesterday and seeing it covered in snow would have to be our top hilight but there are so many hilights it really is very hard to choose just one. We love all of Tasmania! 😆

We have no real plan of direction and are open to checking out various events of interest that take place. One such event, The Tasmanian Flower Expo,led us to visit a small vineyard/winery owned and run by a friend of friends of ours from the UK. Grey Sands Vineyard is in Glengarry north west of Launceston in the Tamar Valley. The owners, Bob and Rita, bought the land 30 yrs ago and have spent the time growing the vines and developing a successful business. They have also planted and grown a huge variety of trees and flowers in gardens which are stunning to wander around.We had a very enjoyable few hours there.

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