Enjoy Life’s Detours, They Often Provide Some Of Life’s Greatest Memories! 

We haven’t posted since departing Tasmania and that’s because our plans changed unexpectedly.

We were going to be touring through the east coast of Australia, up to the tip of Cape York and then across to Alice Springs.

However, back in September in Tasmania, Jude had a fall and landed on her left knee.  This greatly aggravated the osteoarthritis in that knee and led to the decision to return to Perth and have a total knee replacement. This would be carried out by the same surgeon who had replaced the right knee three years ago.

This rather major detour to our plans did indeed provide some absolutely wonderful memories.

We managed to catch up with some good friends and family in South Australia on the trip back to Perth. This proved to be a blessing as we managed to spend some quality time with Jude’s cousins, Garry, Jen, Elizabeth and John. Sadly Garry passed away only a few weeks later.

We arrived back in Perth in time to spend the weekend with niece Kirsty before she headed back to Ohio in the USA.

We enjoyed spending time with Cath who was on holiday from Scotland.


Then there was the spell in hospital which has led to Jude having two pain free knees for the first time in years. She can now walk along the beachfront!

Christmas and New Year was celebrated with family. Christmas Day lunch hosted by Mal and Isla at their home. Lots of memories made as it will be a few years before we are back in Perth.

January saw three further celebrations which we were so pleased to be able to share and attend in person – Annette and Jock’s 46th wedding anniversary, Arienne’s 6th birthday and cousin Merv’s 80th birthday. Three important milestones for all concerned and great fun to celebrate.

We can’t thank Annette and Jock enough for opening their house to us and making us feel so at home as Jude recuperated from her surgery. It was wonderful that we got to spend time with their grandchildren Arienne and Angus while they looked after them during the school holidays. Also brilliant that Jude’s brother Wayne came and stayed for a few days and joined in the fun and madness.

We had a lovely farewell lunch which included Malcolm and Isla and the children.


Enjoy Life’s Detours, They Often Provide Some Of Life’s Greatest Memories! 

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