Update on Smiffs Travel Oz, May 2022

Ray and Jude at D’Arenberg Cube, McLaren Vale, South Australia

For those that have been following us, and those that are new to our blog, you may be wondering what happened to our website. The quick answer is cost, and in trying to reduce our costs we accidentally deleted a lot of already published content. 😱😢

However all is not lost as we did have a back up of our posts. We no longer have our full website, instead we are back to using our WordPress Blog site. At the moment, you can still find us by typing in smiffstraveloz.com and it will automatically default to our WordPress site. But should that change, our new address is smiffstraveloz.blog.

We have had feedback that it seems like we stopped travelling in 2018 as that is the last post showing. Therefore we will be updating our site with some of the old content so that there is a semblance of a proper timeline of our travels.

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