Our first trip, Cooloongup to Karratha.

Last year we planned a road trip to Karratha for our nephew’s wedding which was happening in June this year.  We were going to take a week to drive up and stay at hotels along the way,

However, a couple of weeks before departure, we found and fell in love with Saffy!!

We cancelled the motels and booked into caravan parks.  This saw us staying overnight in Dongara / Carnarvon / Coral Bay / Nanutarra / Dampier / Kalbarri.

The caravan was extremely comfortable and very user friendly.  It pulled like a dream and the Patrol performed very well, apart from chewing up the petrol.

We met some wonderful people along the way and the wedding was spectacular and we had so much fun catching up with family.  We sure didn’t want to come home and could have very easily just carried on exploring this great country we live in.

Below is a selection of photo’s from the trip.

1601194_10207255467369595_4582630371700826400_n 10401353_10207254876994836_9117768952981950908_n 10411857_10207280107905593_1228859731072447220_n 10487322_10207280107465582_5793527211649908532_n 10501983_10207215644174040_1527462606925185169_n 10981399_10207195049619189_279889710803894936_n 11055372_10207247597612856_3790817377318820239_n 11148692_10207255902020461_8428333637995426102_n 11174859_10207280103065472_2842927115769655256_n 11200900_10207280102505458_4109444024738226927_n 11377189_10207219484070035_4897837758444599340_n 11391512_10207189808408162_7499869454558264499_n 11391543_10207260997787852_7857710308945750271_n 11401054_10207189324516065_8706969089171594486_n 11401289_10207207280644957_2074522746755549613_n 11406793_10207201467059621_5209289259902511632_n 11535787_10207228072004728_7873244622059252499_n

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