Years in the planning

Ever since Ray’s first visit to Australia in 2005, we have talked at length about the idea of spending a couple of years travelling around Oz.  Ten years of dreaming has finally come to a sense of reality and we are going to do this!!

We have been to a number of Caravan and Camping shows at Claremont Showgrounds; 4WD and Camping shows at McCallum Park in South Perth, and numerous weekends spent traipsing in and out of caravans at most metropolitan dealerships.

Within a month of arriving in Perth in 2008, we had bought a 1993 Nissan Patrol GQ. It was in excellent condition and Ray was over the moon with his dream Aussie 4WD.  Then came the dilemma – did we want a motorhome/bus conversion/5th wheeler or caravan?  A few years of research later and we decided it was going to be a caravan.

Coromal/Billabong/Jayco/Roma/JB/Nova/Jurgens……………and then finally we did it, we bought our beautiful Avida Sapphire!!


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