Life on the Duck River

We arrived in Smithton on Ray’s birthday, the 14th October, and were booked to stay for two weeks. Nearly six weeks later we are still here!  River Breeze Caravan and Cabin Park is situated on the banks of the tidal Duck River, and just a ten minute walk from the town centre. It is an idyllic and ideal location that has seen Ray out and about on his kayak and fishing from the bank of the river. We are enjoying exploring the area in great detail as well as just spending lazy days relaxing in the sun and reading/chatting/snoozing.

Smithton is also home to the McCain potato processing plant where they manufacture the french fries and other potato items. The old Duck Butter factory is still in Smithton although the butter is now produced in Victoria.

The mascot at the park is Rosie the cat – she is absolutely beautiful and follows you around wherever you wander. She is also a very good hunter and keeps the park free of vermin!

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