Farewell faithful Saffy, welcome New Age Ozzie!

After travelling and living permanently in our beloved Avida caravan Saffy, we realised that she was not big enough for our needs.  Some of the main issues were the cafe seating was very uncomfortable when you wanted to relax and watch telly or a movie. The wardrobe space was very limited for storing all our clothing and the shower was very cramped. Fine when you were in caravan parks and could use the amenities but for free camping it was a pain!

Therefore after a bit of a search we came across a deal too good to pass up. We have traded Saffy in on a New Age Oz Classic called, Ozzie! There is a club lounge with integrated footstools, a lovely big shower, much more storage space and wardrobes that go across the rear of the van.  It is early days but so far we are very comfortable and happy with Ozzie.


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