The Wall in the Wilderness

During our time in Tassie we would regularly hear people talk about The Wall – had we been? If not, why not? Initially we thought they were talking about the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. which is not accessible via road. It is more for well-equipped and experienced bushwalkers – something we are not! But a few weeks ago we spoke to someone and found out people had been talking about The Wall In the Wilderness.

We decided to go exploring last weekend and visit The Wall – wow, what an experience.


“Artist Greg Duncan is creating a stunning sculpture at Derwent Bridge in the heart of Tasmania. The Wall in the Wilderness is Greg Duncan’s commemoration of those who helped shape the past and present of Tasmania’s central highlands. 

A work in progress, The Wall is being carved from three-metre high wooden panels. The carved panels will tell the history of the harsh Central Highlands region – beginning with the indigenous people, then to the pioneering timber harvesters, pastoralists, miners and Hydro workers.

When completed The Wall will be 100 metres long. Greg Duncan’s sculpture The Wall will rank as a major work of art and tourist attraction in Tasmania.”

This is entirely self-funded, without government grants or corporate sponsorship and Greg does not allow photography of any sort to be taken, so the two pics above is all we were able to take outside at the entrance. The pics below are taken from the website.



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